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European Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors

Föhn Openings brings the superior function and design of European-style windows and doors to North American consumers.

With in-house experience in selling and installing energy-efficient windows in both residential and commercial properties, we are your source for the window and door systems that will add comfort and value to your home or business.

Optiwin Windows & Doors

Optiwin manufactures some of the very best energy-efficient windows and doors available. With four generations of experience, Optiwin has a long history producing passive home windows and doors that are superior in function and style.

All of the Optiwin products meet stringent German Passive house testing requirements for thermal & water penetration, as well as air tightness. These tests go beyond Energy Star window ratings requirements.

The quality craftsmanship of the Optiwin window and door systems is complimented by their timeless elegance. Beautiful windows and doors are available in a variety of styles to complete any space.


Optiwin windows are tilt and turn windows: a European-style window that opens like a door, or can be tilted inward to ventilate the room. The tilt and turn hardware offers a higher security than North American window hardware.


From front doors that make a memorable first impression, swinging glass patio doors, to Lift and Slide glass doors that provide the most stunning views, Optiwin doors are as secure and robust as they are beautiful.


Customize your energy-efficient doors and windows to suit your personal preferences and architectural style. From the number and location of locking points to a selection of finishes and custom colours, Föhn Openings will work with you to create entryways and openings that meet all of your needs.

Our Guarantee

Föhn Openings is pleased to offer energy-saving windows and doors that take design and craftsmanship to the next level – Outstanding quality and improved comfort are guaranteed. Contact us for more information on our unique product offering.