Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Optiwin’s aluminum clad wood windows offer a highly durable solution that’s every bit as beautiful as a solid wood window. With an aluminum exterior that protect it from the elements, the window’s wooden interior adds warmth and beauty to your space. Aluminum clad wood windows from Föhn Openings exceed expectations in appearance and performance.

The Benefits of Aluminum Clad Windows

Impact Resistance

Snow storms, driving rain, and other adverse weather conditions can damage windows, but are no match for those from Föhn Openings . Our clad windows have the highest resistance available, which means they last longer than many windows on the market. We sell aluminum windows because they perform exceptionally well in cold climates and are a smart solution for home and businesses, no matter the weather.

Additional Protection

While protecting against the elements without compromising views or appearance is the primary function of these windows, they also provide protection against sound, the sun and break-ins.

Little Maintenance Required

Our aluminum clad windows require very little maintenance and provide the same aesthetic value as solid wood windows.

Customized for Your Space

Because your property should be an expression of your personality and style, our clad windows can be customized so that the thickness of the glaze, the wood type and colour complement your space. Choose from several different hardware finishes and styles, as well.

Aluminum Clad Windows from Föhn Openings

Choose from the selection of aluminum clad wood windows at Föhn Openings to enjoy the many benefits that these highly durable and attractive windows have to offer. Call us today for more information.