Tilt and turn windows are European-style windows that have recently become more popular in North America. The beauty of the tilt and turn window is that it combines three styles in one:

  1. Fixed window: When the handle is in the downward position, the window is locked and becomes a fixed window.
  2. In-swing window: With a 90-degree turn of the handle, the window can swing inward.
  3. Hopper window: Placing the handle at 180 degrees allows the window to tilt open.

With the basic mechanics of these unique windows in mind, let’s take a look at some of their most noteworthy benefits.


These European windows allow for varied ventilation options. A simple tilt lets hot air escape, while a turn improves airflow. No matter the position, these windows let users control their environment and are especially ideal for homes that see various weather patterns throughout the year.

Easy Maintenance

Other types of windows can be challenging to clean because you have to go outside to access the other side. However, with tilt and turn windows, you can safely clean the exterior while still inside the house. A simple turn of the handle can save you time and provide easy access to clean dirt and grime off your windows for healthier air and unobstructed sunlight.

Better Seals

Tilt and turn windows have better air seals than other windows. These tighter seals create an air-tight window which keeps warm or cool air inside to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Other types of windows are prone to air leaks because they have low-quality seals. However, tilt and turn windows are high-performance models that keep cool air inside during the summer and warm air in during the winter.


These windows look beautiful in any house. You can choose between aluminum or wood-aluminum with limitless options for handles, colours, and frames. Tilt and turn windows suit both modern and traditional-style homes, and everything in between.

Larger Sizes

Typical window sizes offer leave little room for versatility. Yet, tilt and turn windows come in many sizes. This means you can allow as much or as little light into your home as you see fit. Many homeowners who choose this innovative design opt to make their windows larger so that they can showcase how great they look while maximizing their benefits.

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