Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass & Front Doors

Energy-efficient doors lower utility costs, help maintain the right indoor temperature, and reduce humidity. Föhn Openings offers a variety of energy-efficient doors that function exceptionally well and add notable appeal to your home or business.

Our Energy-Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

Energy-efficient sliding glass doors maximize the view without compromising comfort. Optimal natural light enters the space while providing convenient access to a balcony, terrace, or patio.

Föhn Openings offers sliding glass doors from the Optiwin line. These European-style fixtures feature elegant wood frames that can be insulated up to the sash. Regardless of the glaze thickness, all Optiwin products meet requirements that surpass Energy Star rated doors. They are airtight and waterproof, thanks to a combination of high-tolerance fibre glass

thresholds and an effective drainage system. Feel comfortable indoors, no
matter the weather!

Our Energy-Efficient Front Doors

An energy-efficient front door from Föhn Openings adds value, style and comfort to any entrance. The Optiwin Entrada series offers beautiful wood doors made with ecological wood fibre, insulating materials and are designed to perform exceptionally well in colder climates. Inside, these doors provide a high surface temperature while reducing radiation loss outside. The result is an entry way that stays cozy and warm even during the coldest times of the year.

Another highlight for these front doors is their superior security features. The doors are 108 millimeters thick and bolstered by a solid wood frame. Doors can be fitted with an automatic triple locking mechanism and can be made to incorporate any security or alarm system, including keyless entry. Choose the wood type and glazing for a look you will love.

Quality and Design

All of our energy-efficient doors are made from top-quality materials and are available in a range of designs that will suit any architectural style. Although they are ideal for homes, they are also suitable for commercial settings, especially where a sense of sophistication is desired. The doors are crafted rather than made, all to unrivaled standards.

Föhn Openings provides doors that continue to raise the bar for craftsmanship, design and energy efficiency. Add a beautifully robust entrance to your home or business. Call us today.