A Selection of the Best Energy-Efficient Windows Available

A Selection of the Best Energy-Efficient Windows Available

Föhn Openings offers a selection of windows that are superior in design
and craftsmanship with above standard energy efficiency and aesthetic
value. Choose from a variety of Optiwin window systems that are
customized to perfectly complement your home or business.

Energy-Efficient Windows from Föhn Openings

Avoid Hot or Cold Spots

These European-style windows take comfort to a whole new level. Optiwin windows make it easier to regulate the temperature indoors while helping to avoid cold spots in the winter and hot spots in the summer.

Reduce Costs

The seals and glazing assemblies used on Optiwin windows protect against the cold and prevent heat transfer during the warmer months of the year. Reduce utility bills with window systems that are perfectly suited for passive homes.

Less Noise Pollution

Bring tranquility to a home or workspace on even the busiest of streets with window systems that offer superior soundproofing. Traffic noise, sirens and train whistles are kept at a distance when you choose Optiwin windows.

UV Protection

A large window is excellent for natural light and views, but excessive sunlight can cause furnishings and artwork to fade. Optiwin’s specially designed windows help prevent harmful UV rays from entering your space.

Lower Maintenance

No matter the size, all windows from Föhn Openings require little maintenance. Minimal energy transfer reduces condensation, which means less risk of mold, even when the weather is damp and cold. The UV filter on the glass also stops water and dirt from remaining on the panes.

Increased Property Value

Choosing Optiwin windows for your home or business is a decision that will reward you in more ways than one. Superior energy efficiency not only improves comfort but saves you money, while the window design is beautiful and robust. Invest in windows that add lasting value.


In addition to higher property values, our windows are the perfect fit for a passive home or if you simply wish to reduce the amount of fossil-fuel energies required for heating and cooling. With the growing trend toward reducing carbon footprints, Optiwin windows will raise your property’s appeal with future buyers. Whether you’re buying windows for a new space or remodelling an existing property, energy-saving windows are a priority.

Discover the Best Energy-Efficient Windows

Föhn Openings is your best choice for energy-efficient windows. As a supplier of Optiwin windows in Canada, we are pleased to offer home and business owners superior window systems that are customized to match the personal style and architecture of any building. Call us today for more information on the Optiwin windows that will perfectly suit your needs.