Provides cosiness

The OPTIWIN ENTRADA series of front doors makes a good impression in any entrance. The unique design of the wood door and the ecological insulating materials work hand-in-hand: On the interior side of the door, they ensure a high surface temperature, while minimising radiation losses on the exterior side. This prevents the unpleasant cold air downdraught, keeping the entranceway cosy and warm. The design of this front door, which is highly suitable for passive homes, can be individually selected, including in conjunction with choices of glazing, such as in the skylight area or lateral stationary elements.
Its high insulation values follow tradition: One of the predecessor models was the first front door in the world to be certified for passive houses. OPTIWIN ENTRADA doors of today achieve a heat transfer coefficient of up to 0.68 W/m2K.

High security standard

OPTIWIN ENTRADA consists of a 108 mm thick door leaf and a solid wood frame of 95 x 134 mm. The door leaf has a double rabbet. A high quality fibreglass threshold developed by OPTIWIN creates the lower termination. A pressure-free second drainage level prevents leaks even during extreme driving rain.
The entrance door is available with an automatic triple locking mechanism and can be integrated into the latest alarm systems and building automation systems, such as keyless fingerprint access controls.

Easy combinations

Can be combined with all OPTIWIN window systems

Wood types

Available in all wood varieties that are suitable for house doors.

Energy efficiency

Door system certified by the Passive House Institute PHI Darmstadt


*Cad drawings and testing certificates available upon request.