Your home’s windows may be its most understated asset. They’re essential to curb appeal, safety, energy efficiency and overall design. In many ways, your windows are an investment. Choosing the right windows for your home, therefore, can be a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing between European and North American designs.

While homeowners in Canada are familiar with the common North American style windows, many aren’t aware of the European window’s style and functional advantages. Let’s take a closer look at the European window versus those commonly found in North America.

Unfamiliar Aesthetics

European windows add character and novelty to any home. For example, the popular, tilt-and-turn European-style window offers a venting hopper, inward opening, and tight closure. While this design is unique, it’s also rigorously tested for safety, efficiency, and functionality. For the best design and appearance, your windows should reflect and compliment your home’s uniqueness, providing your property with the intrigue and value that it deserves.

Improve Safety and Efficiency

Surprisingly, European style windows boast the highest ratings in safety and efficiency. Most of their designs feature multiple locking points and seals, making them air and water tight. Unfortunately, North American windows don’t compare when it comes to safety. In fact, most North American windows are outfitted with one simple lock and essentially designed to only open and close. Conversely, European windows offer much more, including side filtering and advanced ventilation patterns.

Fill Spaces with Functionality

Versatility is another feature that places European windows head and shoulders above their North American counterparts. For example, the large chambers of European windows accommodate reinforcement and so much more. Additionally, European designs are less restrictive than North American designs, making them better suited for large or unique spaces.

Choosing European Windows

North American windows can’t compete with the charm, efficiency and flexibility of European windows. Plus, these features are enhanced by higher standards and strict policies for production. They can also easily fill unique and large spaces while offering air tight security and energy efficient ventilation patterns, making European windows a smarter, more valuable investment.

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