European-Style Windows and Doors

European-style windows and doors offer unique style, versatility and lasting value to North American homes and businesses. Föhn Openings caters to the growing number of people throughout Canada and the USA who seek quality window and door solutions from European window manufacturers and door manufacturers. Discover the many benefits of the Optiwin window and door systems today!

Improved Energy Efficiency

With increasing energy costs, the windows and doors from Optiwin are an effective solution not only for passive home owners but anyone who is looking to pay less for utilities. All of the windows and doors crafted by Optiwin feature superior thermal insulation values, and the windows can also be insulated up to the sash, thereby improving the quality of insulation where the window meets the building.

Triple-Pane and Low-E Windows

Many European windows feature triple rather than single or double panes. This is another way to improve energy efficiency, but it also reduces noise pollution. Other solutions use Low-E glass and argon sealed units. These save energy thanks to an invisible coating that blocks UV rays and keeps furnishings safe from fading.

Unique Design

European-style windows and doors look notably different from the systems that are available from most North American manufacturers. The selection of European windows and doors that are available from Föhn Openings can also be customized to complement the style of your home or business.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Although they are less common in Canada and the USA, tilt and turn windows are the standard in much of Europe. These windows are as much as 30 times more airtight than standard double-hung windows. Plus, tilt and turn windows allow for optimal views and natural light, while the tilt feature is ideal for ventilation.

Tighter Security

European tilt and turn windows, in particular, are much more secure than the style of windows that are most common in North America. To open in two different ways — tilted or turned — they require above-standard hardware. This same hardware features multiple failsafe locking points, and all models undergo rigorous testing.


Optiwin’s European windows and doors can be made to suit a wide variety of spaces with consistent performance and greater longevity. Even the largest windows include sufficient reinforcement and provide the same energy efficiency as a solid wall.

European Windows and Doors from Föhn Openings

When it comes to high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing European doors and European windows, Canada and USA-based property owners trust Föhn Openings. We are committed to providing the best solutions for your home or business. Call us today for more information on the windows and doors that will take your space to a whole new level.