High-End Windows and Doors

Föhn Openings provides windows and doors from Optiwin, a trusted high- end window manufacturer and door manufacturer. Expert craftsmanship, modern designs and the toughest materials are combined to create a selection of doors and windows that exceed expectations in every way.

Timeless Designs

All of the high-end windows and doors feature classic European designs that are always in style. For windows, choose from solid wood or wood that is covered with aluminum for a solution that best meets your style preferences and functional needs. Our doors can also be tailored to perfectly complement your property and are available in a variety of wood types and surfaces.

High Performance

Expect unparalleled performance from our high-end windows and doors. Seals are up to 30 times tighter than those of traditional windows and will protect your interior from even the most adverse weather conditions. There is no risk of cold or wet penetrating the frame.

With Optiwin, you can even turn an entire wall into a window. The superior design of these products makes this possible for both tilt and turn windows and sliding doors.

Unequaled Elegance

Our windows offer an elegant minimalism, which improves curb appeal and enhances the facade of your building. Our high-end entry doors are ideal for giving visitors a proper welcome to your home or office, and the door’s insulation enhances the experience by creating a high surface temperature on the inside. Best of all, our entry doors combine well with all of our windows, especially since you can choose features like glazing and wood type.

Security You Can Count On

Both our windows and doors enhance the security of your home or business. For example, with Optiwin’s high-end windows, the glass is bonded to the frame. The doors feature a solid wood frame and have an automatic triple-locking mechanism in a lever-proof lock. Upgrade your windows and doors for even greater protection, such as with special glazing or integration with a security system.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

The high-end windows we offer adhere to the strictest standards for energy efficiency and are ideally suited for a passive house. Save energy now and increase your property resale value later! Plus, Optiwin windows and doors are made from sustainable materials.

Noise Filtering

Windows from Föhn Openings are triple paned, meaning they come close to completely eliminating noise pollution. For properties that need full soundproofing, we offer thicker glazing.

Sun and Insect Protection

Fit any of our products with Venetian blinds or insect screens to reduce sunlight and keep out bugs. We work with you to develop a solution that maintains, or even enhances, aesthetics.

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