When most people think of home security they don’t think of doors and windows. Because they’re access points, however, weak, unstable or unsecure doors and windows can make your home much less secure. Windows are especially vulnerable since they may be easy to unlock or are sometimes forgotten and left unlocked. Thin windowpanes or a simple locking mechanism can be easily broken, especially those at a low or basement level.

Protect your home with high-quality European-style doors and windows. Here are a few reasons why they are the best:

More security glass options

There are more options with European glass to make the window better for security. Sometimes you may have a safety glass which is either laminated or tempered glass on the inside, and regular glass on the outside which is quite loud when broken, but once they reach the interior glass it will crack but not break. Or the seal unit could be made with 3 layers of safety glass, if desired.

Sophisticated Locking Systems

Most doors and windows only contain two locks or locking points. Specialized European-style doors and windows, on the other hand, contain several locks connected to a locking system. This system includes multiple locks on the door or window frame, and multiple locking points make it very difficult to open one of these doors or windows from the outside. The doors offered by Föhn Openings can also come equipped with an automatic triple locking mechanism, and they can be integrated into alarm systems and automation systems.

If you’re looking for doors and windows that are as robust and secure as they are aesthetically pleasing, the selection available at Föhn Openings will not disappoint. Contact us for more information on our windows and doors.

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