Passive House Windows and Doors

Buildings that are sustainable, comfortable, high quality, and energy efficient are considered ‘passive.’ Add passive house qualities to your home by upgrading the doors and windows with beautiful, versatile solutions from Föhn Openings.


Sustainable materials are used to create Optiwin passive house doors and passive house windows. Canada and USA-based properties that feature these doors and windows are very popular among the growing number of people who desire properties with ecological features. For instance, passive house doors are treated and finished only with water-based products.


A major source of discomfort indoors is poor temperature control. Passive house windows and doors improve insulation, help eliminate cold spots,

reduce heating and cooling requirements and help create an overall cozy environment.


The passive house doors and windows from Föhn Openings are of the highest quality. We offer a variety of European designs, which are both attractive and unique. All of our products also feature secure locking mechanisms.


Quality craftsmanship and reduced maintenance requirements make all of our passive house windows and doors excellent investments. All of our products are tested extensively to ensure longevity.

Energy Saving

Our passive house windows and doors offer optimal thermal insulation, which means maximum energy savings and the lowest possible utility bills. With the windows, for instance, the seals between the frame and glass stop outside air from entering and prevent climate-controlled air from escaping. Plus, some frames themselves are insulated.

Ready to discover how passive house doors and windows can revolutionize the look and comfort of your space? Contact us today for more information.