Today, energy efficiency is at the top of most homeowners’ list of “must-haves.” Not only does an efficient home reduce your carbon footprint, it also saves money. It’s therefore no surprise that homeowners aim to make every possible component of their home energy efficient. This extends to doors and windows.

In fact, doors and windows are often the cornerstone of energy efficiency. Since these structures connect the interior to the exterior, they’re paramount in keeping air in or out. Doors, in particular, must therefore be sound and sealed. An energy efficient door helps create an energy efficient home. Discover more about the important role of efficient doors below.

Provides Temperature Control

If your door isn’t efficient, it may allow air to enter or escape. Air entering or exiting your home can make it cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer. Thus, you may experience uncomfortable drafts when the weather is cold, or hot spots when the outdoor temperature climbs. Inefficient doors can also increase your home’s humidity, leaving it susceptible to mold. A door that’s free of cracks and properly sealed and weatherproofed can help ensure this never happens.

Increases Property Value

Since energy efficiency is a commodity, improving your home’s efficiency can increase its value. Energy efficient doors can be an attractive selling point, as they’re examples of a home’s overall efficiency. They contribute to a home’s comfort level, potential for heating and cooling, and energy savings. The more energy efficient your home is, the easier and more affordable it is to heat or cool. These qualities are highly sought after by home buyers. If you plan to sell your home in the future, you might therefore consider upgrading your doors and windows to drive your property value.

Reduces Your Home’s Energy Consumption

Since efficient doors prevent air from entering and escaping your home, they help to ensure your home is properly insulated. This keeps indoor temperatures and energy consumption constant. In other words, peak temperature conditions can be reached using the least amount of energy possible. Your furnace or air conditioner won’t need to run constantly to keep your home comfortable. And, as energy consumption decreases, so will your energy bills.

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