Tilt and Turn Windows

Beautiful tilt and turn windows are commonplace in Europe, and this style of window continues to grow in popularity in North America. Add function and style to your space with tilt and turn windows from Föhn Openings.

Improved Ventilation

With a standard design, you can only ventilate a room by opening the window completely. With a tilt window, however, you can open the top to instantly improve air flow. This allows for better control of room temperature and prevents any breeze from disturbing the space.

Clean Your Windows from the Inside

You can use the turn position of the window to easily clean the glass while indoors. This eliminates the need to hire window cleaners and reduces the hassle and risk involved with cleaning window exteriors yourself.

Better Security

Sophisticated hardware is required to make the window tilt. The hardware features multiple locking points, which means the window is secure without an additional locking system. In fact, you can leave the window on tilt and maintain security. Furthermore, the window features hinges that allow it to turn inward, which prevents an intruder from forcing or pulling the window open from the outside.

Higher Energy Efficiency by Design

The design of the window also allows for greater energy efficiency. Superior window seals are required so that the window can open in two ways, and this means that the window is at less risk of air leakage, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. Another advantage is that there’s a reduced risk of water entering the home or business with tilt and turn windows. USA and Canadian home and business owners in locations that experience extreme weather conditions will benefit in more ways than one from these window systems.

Modern Aesthetics

Modern architecture is all about minimalism — tilt and turn windows give you minimalism with elegance. For instance, the Purista Window features narrow frames without a sash for uninterrupted views. Plus, as the hinges are hidden, there is nothing to ruin the facade of the building. Lastly, the windows are highly customizable: you can choose a variety of wood types and stains and aluminum colours.

Custom Sizes

Tilt turn windows can be any size. Whether small or large, an improved view and ventilation are guaranteed with windows from Föhn Openings.

Choose Föhn Openings for Your Tilt Windows

Only a few companies in North America supply tilt and turn windows. Canada-based Föhn Openings is proud to offer such a superior selection of windows from Optiwin, one of the top tilt and turn window manufacturers in the world. These windows are high quality, featuring an attractive design and exceptional performance. Call us for more information on the windows that will add value and comfort to your space.